Questioned Document Examinations.


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The goal of the forensic document examiner is to systematically evaluate the attributes and characteristics of a document in order to reveal how it was prepared or how it may have been modified.

What is Document Analysis. 2. directly about ASTM standards related to FDE in a chapter titled “Preparation for a Daubert Hearing”.


. A questioned document is any written or typed document that’s authenticity has been. forensic scientists responsible for using a # of scientific processes and methods for examining documents—whether written, typed, or printed—related to a crime scene investigation; handwriting experts, as well as experts in other areas of document examination,.

Problems encountered by questioned document examiner that cannot be answered. .

The authorship of traced forgery cannot be answered by a Questioned document examiner.


Terms in this set (48) Define Questioned Document. The signature at right is an example of a traced forgery.

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The penmanship is uneven and shaky.

Example of Questioned Document.

Individual letters in a questioned document are directly compared to counterparts in the known sample using a side-by-side comparison. A questioned document is any document that is potentially disputed in the court of law. class=" fc-falcon">Introduction.

The term “handwriting analysis” is not to be confused with “graphology,” which is the process of determining a person’s psychological state or personality through the use of his or her handwriting. The examination and comparison of questioned documents with known material. . . class=" fc-falcon">Terms in this set (48) Define Questioned Document. .

Review the meaning of a questioned document, with examples, and discover the purpose of.

Quiz & Worksheet Goals. The penmanship is uneven and shaky.

Kinds of Documents 3.


The Scientific Working Group for Questioned Documents (SWGDOC) evolved from the Technical Working Group for Questioned Documents which began in 1997 (Riordan et al.


Basically, a Questioned Document refers to any signature, handwriting, typewriting.